Building Department


408 S. Main Street
Wetumpka, AL  36092

Phone (334)567-1303
Fax: (334) 567-1331

Office Hours:
8:00am -4:30 p.m. M-F


Planning Board
The Wetumpka Planning Board meets the second Monday of every month. Agendas are posted in City Hall.

Board of Adjustment
The Board of Adjustment meets on an as-needed basis. Notice of public hearings are listed in the Legal section of the Wetumpka Herald. Agendas are posted in City Hall.

Building Ordinances

Ordinance 99-4 Zoning Ordinance for the City of Wetumpka Alabama, as amended

Adopted in 1999.  There are other ordinances in effect for Signs, Landscape, and Flood.

Copies available for purchase:
Subdivision Regulations - 2002 $8.50
Zoning Ordinance - 1999
Binder $8.50
Newspaper copy
(as long as supplies last) Free
CD-ROM $18.75


City Limits - Police Jurisdiction
PDF -  90KB

Zoning Map
PDF  - 2.4MB

The goal of the Building Department  is to assist developers and landowners in the development and growth of Wetumpka, while maintaining the cleanliness and integrity the citizens deserve.

Building Department responsibilities include:

  • Issues electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas, building, and street cutting permits.
  • Reviews and approves building plans, site plans, and landscape plans
  • Determines what items are to go before Wetumpka Planning Board and Board of Adjustment
  • Enforces adherence to zoning regulations as appropriate.
  • Makes interpretations of zoning ordinance as they apply to construction
  • Assures construction is compliant with ICC codes
  • Works with FEMA to supply information to citizens concerning flood elevations and Special Hazard Evaluation.
  • Canvasses the city for code violations
  • Issues condemnation notices on unsafe structures


The Cityof Wetumpka requires permits be taken out for work performed in the citylimits.  Contractors must have a current City of Wetumpka license and workshould meet the following standards adopted by the City.  They are asfollows:

2015 International Residential Code

2015 International Building Code

2015 International Existing Building Code

2015 International Fire Code

2015 International Mechanical Code

2015 International Plumbing Code

2015 International Fuel Gas Code

2014 International Electrical Code 

Building Department Forms

Permit Requirements / Work Exempt from Permit

       Residential Building Permit Application Form - Home Owner

      Residential Building Permit Application Form - Contractor

     Commercial Building Permit Application Form

     Sign Permit Application Form

Sign Ordinance 

      Electrical Permit Application Form

     Plumbing Permit Application Form

     Mechanical Permit Application Form

     Roof Permit Application Form 

       Zoning Ordinance Section 61.0 District Area,Yard, Height, and Setback Regulations

      City of Wetumpka Energy Code Prescriptive Form

Zoning Forms

Application for Rezoning

Authorization to act as applicant

Subdivision Approval Application 

Waiver Request Application

Adjoining Property Owner


Building Official: Chappell Brown
Department Secretary:  Angie Fraiser
Fire Marshal: Michael Robinson
Code Enforcement: Donald Kendrick