Landfill Usage


Mon, Wed, Fri 7:00a.m - 2:30p.m.

The City of Wetumpka Landfill is a service provided for residents who live within the Corporate City Limits. A valid driver’s license may be used as proof of current address. A landfill permit is required for waste generated by business and may be purchased from the Revenue Officer at City Hall. The phone number 567-1301. A landfill permit is also required for waste generated by construction or demolition and may be purchased from the Secretary of the Building Inspector. The phone number is 567-1303.

NOTE: Beginning on November 5, 2016, the Wetumpka landfill will not be open on Saturdays.


The City of Wetumpka operates a Construction and Demolition Landfill. It is located on U.S. Hwy 231, between State Hwy 9 and Julia Tutwiler Prison. The landfill is managed by the Public Works Director, who is certified by Solid Waste Association of North America as a landfill manager. Daily operation of the landfill is managed by a Landfill manager, who is also certified by Solid Waste Association of North America. The landfill is regulated by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

This is an effort to inform the public about the correct usage of the landfill facility. The road to the landfill is used by many different sizes and configurations of vehicles. Safety is always an issue, for that reason the speed limit is posted at 15 MPH, and can be enforced by the Wetumpka Police department. For safety sake, please observe the speed limit.

The City asks for your cooperation in the correct and safe use of the landfill. Because of environmental concerns, the landfill has been designated as a Construction and Demolition Waste Facility. The following is a list of “Accepted” and “Un-Accepted” waste that may be placed in the landfill: Accepted items are –, plastic, cloth, sheetrock, shingles, brick / rock, dirt, paper products;  Un-Accepted items are – paint; pesticides; household garbage; food waste; animal carcasses; hazardous waste; petroleum products; metal drums; wire of any kind; medical waste; items contaminated with blood; limbs or logs larger than six (6”) in diameter, and greater than two (2’) in length; any type of pressurized container; electronics, such as TV’s, VCR’s, items that have been partially burned, smoke detectors; any kind of liquid waste; and florescent light bulbs; batteries (please see Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program info at bottom of page). For your safety, smoking is not permitted on the premises. Items such as discarded box-springs or mattresses, require a permit. Permits may be purchased at City Hall at a cost of $2.

The landfill will usually be closed during heavy rains and the day after a heavy rain. The landfill road and much of the fill areas are red clay, and become very slick during rains, and is slow to dry. We ask your patience and understanding during these times. As soon as it is safe the operator will re-open the landfill.

Questions or comments concerning the landfill should be directed to the Public Works Director, between 7:00 a.m and 3:30 p.m the phone number is 567-1328.