Council Minutes


The City Council of Wetumpka met by video conference onApril 6, 2020. Below is a summary of business attended to.


A public hearing was held for a 010-Lounge RetailLiquor-Class 1 for Alabama Little Bit of Texas located at 8056 U.S Highway231.  No one spoke against or for. Thepublic hearing was closed.

Approval was given for the 010-Lounge Retail Liquor-Class 1for Alabama Little Bit of Texas located at 8056 U.S Highway 231.   

Ordinance 2020-___ was heard for the first time. Anordinance to divide the City of Wetumpka into five council districts and toprovide for the election on a council person from each district and to providefor the election of the Mayor at large.

Resolution 2020-4-6-1 was approved. A resolution to adoptLegislative Act 2011-676 which increases employee contribution rates for memberof the Employees’ Retirement System of Alabama.

Approving a reoccurring cost of Cotton Lake’s st5reet lightsat a cost of $12.36 monthly was on the agenda for the first time.

Elevator repair at a cost of $6,023 was on the agenda forthe first time.

Resolution 2020-4-6-2 was approved. A resolution to schedulea public hearing to vacate the alleyway located in Original Lot 184 in WestWetumpka.

Meeting was adjourned.